Early Treatment Intervention

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children initially visit the orthodontist at the first sign of orthodontic problems or no later than age seven. Treatment may not be necessary at that time, but by this age most children have a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth.  This will make it easier for us to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems sooner and without surgery.

Early treatment allows us to:

  • Correct and guide the growth of your child’s jaw to help the permanent teeth come in straight
  • Reduce the need for teeth extractions
  • Create space for crowded or erupted teeth
  • Correct thumb-sucking and help improve minor speech problems
  • Reduce treatment time with braces

Signs your child may need to see an orthodontist:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficult time biting or chewing food
  • Finger or thumb sucking
  • Crowded or misplaced teeth
  • Jaws that pop
  • Teeth that do not come together at all or come together abnormally
  • Teeth and jaws that are not proportionate to the rest of the face
  • Crowded front teeth around age seven or eight